The RNs, LPNs and CNAs on the Rehab unit are specially trained and dedicated to meet the needs of patients with diverse rehab diagnoses. Our rehab staff is trained beyond the industry standards, and our Therapists are certified in the newest modalities. Bilingual Staff is available.

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Rehab Unit

Our experienced Therapists focus on assisting patients to regain strength, mobility and independence with activities of daily living.  We offer a 7 day a week therapy program to accelerate patients’ progress.  There are two well equipped rehabilitation gyms to meet our patient’s needs.




Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is concerned with maximizing patients potential for safe, independent mobility by improving strength, range of motion, endurance and balance.  Our Physical Therapists are trained in various treatment modalities to facilitate functional recovery, and in pain management.




Speech Therapy

Our Speech Therapists are certified in vital stim.  They evaluate and treat speech disorders as a result of neurological disorders such as stroke and Parkinson’s, as well as swallowing difficulties due to advancing age and various medical conditions.  Cognitive rehabilitation is used to improve individual’s functional level.  Their goal is to maximize communication skills and swallowing proficiency, which are essential for quality of life. 

Occupational Therapy

The Occupational Therapist can assist patients to regain independence in activities of daily living; i.e., bathing, toileting and home management.  Occupational Therapy uses various meaningful activities aimed at improving strength, range of motion, endurance and balance.  They also utilize adaptive equipment and modifying the home environment to help the patient to reach a maximum level of independence.

Medical Nutritional Therapy

Medical Nutritional Therapy promotes a better diet and a healthier lifestyle with personal counseling and nutrition guidance by our on-site Registered Dietician.  Our dietary staff will assist you in creating a nutritious menu that will assist your body to repair itself and create energy while you receive rehabilitation services.

Respiratory Therapy

Respiratory Therapy is the treatment or management of acute and chronic breathing disorders, as through the use of respiratory vests or the administration of medication in aerosol form. We assist patients with breathing difficulties to reduce fatigue and increase tolerance in performing daily activities. External oxygen is also available.